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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Emotional Infidelity: Fact or Fiction?

In the era where if someone doesn’t answer their phone, we have the option to text them, e-mail them, Facebook them or even Tweet at them, communication has definitely become a little complicated. While most of us can recite countless…

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World of Change

Many individuals, families and couples come to therapy because they want to change something, whether it’s a bad habit, a self- image, or their boyfriend. We then commence on a journey with our clients to thicken our understanding of what…

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Expectations & Conflict Resolution: The Ongoing Conversation

It’s almost comical that many of us find a relationship partner and expect immediate symbiosis. Two people from different backgrounds, families, upbringings and experiences, yet we assume that due to some key commonalities we share similar expectations, particularly about relationships….

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Mindful Living: Love & Loss

Humans are social beings; we attach, bond and connect with people every day. The natural desire to connect also leads to a natural response when we must part with people or situations. That response is grief. While death being the…

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Ready, Set, Goal: Matching Your Actions to Your Intentions

January 1, 2013 was just a few days ago and millions of people have been tweeting, Facebooking, sharing and journaling about their resolutions. Although I am going to take advantage of the mad rush to talk about setting goals, let’s…

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