Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Wellbeing

Mindfulness is an evidence-based, simple, and very powerful practice of training our attention. It is often described as practicing a moment to moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment without judgment. The power of mindfulness lies in that it enables us step out of auto-pilot, or our tendency to get stuck in rehashing the past or planning the future, leading us to miss life as it is unfolding in the present moment. During moments of stress or unpleasant experiences, we tend to react in a habitual and automatic manner, driven by our brain’s stress response (fight or flight). Thus, by building the muscle of mindful awareness, you will develop the ability to respond rather than react to life circumstances, unveiling the power of choice in each moment. Mindfulness can help you reclaim those areas in your life that feel controlled by stress and worry.

Achieving optimal health is not just about having a healthy diet and exercising, but also includes tending to the mind and its impact on the body. Those who have participated in mindfulness from Dr. Ahmadinia  find a more balanced and centered way of encountering the stresses of daily life, leading to reduced frustration and worry, and increased enjoyment. More than ever, there is a substantial body of empirical research that demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness-based treatment for stress. 

People who may benefit from mindfulness and stress reduction might be seeking help with:

  • Work-related stress
  • Family and relationship stress
  • Stress about time management
  • Depressed or anxious moods
  • Worry about a particular issue or a tendency to worry all the time
  • Problems with attention, including ADD
  • Difficulties managing emotions
  • Poor sleep
  • Infertility
  • Overeating
  • A chronic medical condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic pain
  • Preventing, restoring, and maintaining overall health and wellbeing

Stress management requires an in person whole-person approach, and Dr. Ahmadinia combines her training in clinical psychology with her specialized training in integrative health approaches to customize mindfulness practices that will help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

To download and listen to a sample of my meditations, visit Audio.

Mindfulness-Based Programs

mindfulnessOne-to-One Mindfulness : Learning mindfulness in a customized and personal manner will help you to apply these skills anytime and anywhere to bring the benefits of mindfulness into your daily life! In a private session with Deniz Ahmadinia, Psy.D., discover how you can change your life one moment at a time. Work with Deniz to create your own personal plan, as you focus on exactly what you need to do to reduce stress and support your optimal wellness. Read more…

cut outsMindful Parenting: When under stress, knowledge about best parenting practices and techniques tends to go out the window despite parents’ best intentions. This can be an additional source of stress and self-judgment for parents, especially those who find themselves repeating patterns from their own family. Mindful parenting can help you make purposeful choices about how to respond to the circumstances and moment in which we find ourselves. Parents who have participated rave about their ability to respond rather than react, a skill that can be applied to all relationships. Read more…

exec womanWorkplace Wellness: This program integrates aspects of mindfulness meditation practices with neuroscience and psychology in a practical and user-friendly manner with the goal of helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with stress in the workplace. Mindful awareness and practice can help foster a more positive, better workplace culture for your organization by decreasing stress levels and absenteeism and improving productivity, creativity, communication and morale. Dr. Ahmadinia offers in-house mindfulness trainings to businesses, schools and organizations. She will work with you to create a wellness presentation or workshop to meet the specific needs of your company’s employees. Read more…

 black rocksWorkshops: Workshops typically cover the scientific basis of mindfulness, how it can be used to address stress,  and how to develop develop a practice and apply concepts in daily life. All workshops are are interactive and blend concepts with practice and opportunities for discussion. Clients find this hands-on learning immensely more beneficial than simply reading a book or doing an online course. Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs.

 To find out more, contact Dr. Ahmadinia. 


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