Deniz Ahmadinia, M.M.F.T.


Early Shame: When Ruptures Aren’t Repaired

Over and over I’ve heard people say, “it doesn’t matter, they’re too young to remember.” FALSE. This is especially false in regard to children’s early interactions with their caregivers. For better or for worse, children remember. A child’s early interactions…

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The Father Effect

Nowadays there are so many different configurations of families, living arrangements and cultural influences on family roles. However, regardless of your family makeup, we all either have a father, know one, will be one or will marry one someday. Fathers…

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Stressed Parents: The Trickle Down Effect

I recently attended the annual conference by the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA), which had an emphasis on family resilience. I have decided to share some information from one of the most poignant and powerful presentations I attended, by Gabor…

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Trust in Attunement

Whether you are talking among friends about relationships or you are sitting with a couple’s therapist, the concept of trust is likely to come up. For some it’s a question of “how do we rebuild trust?”, “How can I ever…

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