Single Dad Dating Advice: How to Balance Career and Family

Unfortunately, many men know what it is to raise a child on their own, and still, they have to work. If you are a single parent, then you are well aware of how difficult it is sometimes to combine the upbringing of a child and professional activities. Life often seems almost unbearable and fate seems to intentionally bring more and more trials. As a result, single dads face difficulties or simply don’t have time to devote it to themselves. Best Single cancer women from Ukraine for dating.

But perhaps it’s time to change the situation. And some simple ways to combine raising a child and work will help you in this difficult matter. Take a closer look at these tips. Probably one of them will come in handy for you.

Difficult task

Nature allowed people to solve the problem of reproduction of their own kind independently. For this reason, a fair share of the world’s population is involved in the process of creating new generations. And if, by and large, there are no problems with this issue, then many parents have difficulties with raising children. It takes time to develop relations but it is just not enough. Single men certainly love children, but they sorely lack time to talk and listen, spend time together, and start new relationships. The tremendous speed of the modern era is forcing them to solve a difficult task: combine work and parenting.

Literally “torn to pieces”, modern fathers are trying to balance their professional ambitions, the desire to raise a child, and dating vip girls. At the same time, most men experience remorse for their “abandoned” children because of chronic employment. How and where to find a solution? The truth, as always, is somewhere nearby.

Despite being very busy, fathers should find at least thirty minutes each day to communicate with the child. If you take the child from the kindergarten, then on the way home, you should ask how the day went, what they did, who they played with, and so on. Usually, adults are interested in what their children eat and whether he/she slept. But the son or daughter wants another! They are eager to share their problems, talk about difficulties, that someone doesn’t want to be friends with them or about their first love. Fathers have to always listen to children to the end, don’t interrupt them.

The goal of a single father who works and raises a child at the same time is to be able to give his son or daughter maximum attention for a short period that they have. He should make it clear to the child that he loves him or her, will always support and help at any time. Children should feel that a father is happy with their victories.

How to solve the problem?

It is not necessary to give up work and limit your life to household chores. In addition to financial security, your favorite business gives you the opportunity to realize your ideas, communicate with like-minded people, develop and create. That is why a father “with the profession” is interesting for his children because they always have the opportunity to learn something new and exciting from him. Even if your career is developing rapidly or your own business has some problems, you can correctly balance work and your child. How is this possible? Consider a few tips to help you find a solution to your problem.

  1. Give your attention to a child

No one will argue that you need to work to provide for your small family. And no one forces you to refuse to do your business. But it is impossible to forget about the existence of a child under any circumstances. Try to give the child at least a little attention at all costs every day. Only in this way, you can show your child your support and love.

  • Determine priorities

When the situation at work or home becomes completely unbearable, the opportunity to reconsider your priorities is important. At the end of a hard-working day, when it seems to you that it can’t be worse, remind yourself what is more important to you – family or career. It is necessary to leave problems at work and realize that this is not a disaster but only temporary troubles. The opportunity to combine work and family is a great achievement for a single dad.

  • Stop being distracted

Almost all people have the weakness to do whatever they want. But any minor matters take time. This will be especially noticeable to your children if you constantly solve some kind of problems that are invisible to them. Do what is truly meaningful at the moment for everyone.

  • Accept outside help

Even if you are a proud working man, don’t refuse outside help. Relying on other people, you can save a lot of time and effort. For example, you can schedule routes to school along with other parents. Or leave your child in the house of his/her classmates so they can do homework together.

  • Understand that it is impossible to do everything at once

This is often the most difficult task that appears in the way of single dads. Just admit to yourself that no matter how hard you try, you can’t do everything at the same time. Prioritize correctly and be prepared for some things to be postponed.

  • Respect the feelings of a child

Try to be extremely careful when explaining to your child why you spend so little time at home. Your child should understand that no work is more important than he or she. Work is your responsibility and children are your love. Explain that work brings you money and people can’t live without it.

  • Keep it simple

You need to simplify your schedule in favor of one thing. It is better to spend one day with the children at full strength than an hour between work. Your child will remember a fun day for the whole week.

  • Send messages during the day

Call children at least twice a day. Despite the work, you should be aware of what is happening with your child. To write a message, no reason is needed. It can be a joke, a simple “I love you”, funny pictures, and so on.

  • Gratitude to yourself

If you don’t have time to do what in your opinion the perfect father should do, don’t start reproaching yourself. Annoyance, which accumulates from disappointment, will poison not only you but also the people around you. Even when everything falls out of hand, you need to find time to relax and forgive yourself for all the failures. This is the only way to save the energy for a new day. Be thankful that you do so much. Internal balance is the key to success, both at home and at work.

Remote Work Options

Most of all modern fathers are very fond of spending free time with their children. They believe that they shouldn’t leave them with a nanny. If you are one of those fathers who want to spend more time with the child but don’t know how, then you need to look for another job.


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In general, work, money, career – all this is very interesting and tempting. But at the end of your life, you may regret not that you didn’t earn enough money, but that you didn’t pay enough attention to the children and their growing up passed you. Therefore, prioritize your life so that you don’t regret anything later. Harmony in all spheres of life is quite achievable if you strive for it and make the right decisions.